Broadcasting Confidence

one mini reporter at a time​

Media Cubs clubs, parties and workshops transform any space into a pop-up TV studio and newsroom.

We direct creative, digital and media challenges – from photography and filming, comic strip-making, TV presenting to newspaper reporting – so kids can create, debate and navigate news with confidence. Because confidence encourages opinions, opinions turn into actions, and actions create a new reality.

About Us

Jam-packed with media, digital and creative challenges, Media Cubs inspires kids to share their views and make the news.

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I loved being a cartoonist and trying new things. I got to tell the newsroom my views on Donald Trump and I was filmed on camera!

Cub Josh

My children have loved this. They’ve enjoyed the art side but now are taking an interest in news – Izzy is driving us mad about Brexit!


Cub Izzy’s Mum

This after school club is unlike anything else that we as a school are able to offer to our pupils, it has unlocked unknown potential in our pupils and has provided a platform for them to shine.

Jon Beisly