Media Cubs was created by mum-of-two and journalist Kirsty Day after she failed to find after-school clubs that celebrated the views, creativity and individuality of her children.

Now, the Media Cubs pop-up TV studio and newsroom has developed into school clubs, community clubs, holiday clubs and parties that are all jam-packed with media, digital and creative challenges – from photography, comic strip-making, newspaper reporting and TV interviewing – while also learning about the real-life news agenda and what’s fake and what’s not.

Media Cubs is a social enterprise – this means the team put purpose before profit… and the mission is a bold one. 51% of leading journalists in the UK are privately educated. There’s a massive imbalance between who shapes and who consumes the news. Media Cubs is driven by the belief that kids from all backgrounds have a place in the newsroom and should feel confident that their views matter.

Working with the Media Cubs heroes Jack, Archie and CeCe in the town of CubChester, Media Cubs reporters learn the values of the newsroom: from leadership and teamwork to honesty and courage.


The breaking news is filled with the same old views. In the continuously growing world of media, we’ve created a newsroom where all kids can create, debate and navigate news with confidence. Because confidence encourages opinions, opinions turn into actions, and actions create a new reality. A reality where the confidence gap is closing, and we diversify the news, one mini reporter at a time. Media Cubs, Broadcasting Confidence.


Out of 308 mini reporters we spoke to as part of our latest impact survey 91% told us they feel more confident after attending Media Cubs, 97% said they learned something new and 87% said they feel like their views and opinions are important.


The Media Cubs pop-up TV studio and newsroom is based in the fictional town of Cubchester – where each session’s media, digital or creative challenge takes place. Media Cubs reporters are joined by our heroes Jack, Archie and CeCe who act as role models to inspire our Media Cubs reporters to demonstrate the values that are important in the newsroom: communication, leadership, teamwork, honesty and curiosity. And Cubchester’s baddie, Tycoon Raccoon, is always on hand to test our values!