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We’re growing our network of Media Cubs leaders to deliver pop-up TV studios and newsroom across the UK through after-school clubs, community clubs and parties. If you don’t see any Media Cubs sessions in your school or area, please get in touch so that we can host in your area.

There is a place for everyone in our newsroom; we provide every Media Cubs reporters with the opportunity to try new things and develop their skills and confidence through a range of different roles – from director, presenter, camera operator to cartoonists – while learning about the real-life news agenda and what’s fake and what’s not.

We are building a network of Media Cubs leaders – so you have our materials, policies and processes to deliver amazing pop-up TV studios and newsroom that are fun, safe and inspiring. Find out more
As a social enterprise on a mission to inspire as many kids as possible to become confident communicators, we make sure our clubs are affordable for all – some of our programmes are fully-funded (and free to access by the kids) thanks to the support of the schools and partners we work with – others are paid for by parents in line with local after-school charging. For more information about our parties charging, click here