Creators Grace Dyke & Kirsty Day

Media Cubs was created by a mum-of-two and journalist after failing to find clubs that celebrated the views, creativity and individuality of her children. 

Kirsty and Grace have worked together in the social enterprise world for six years and they count themselves lucky to call Media Cubs their job! The pair combine their journalism, social enterprise and mum skills to create a world where kids from all backgrounds have the skills and confidence to share their views and make the news.

Find your nearest club

We have a network of passionate Media Cubs leaders ready to meet your mini reporters. Use the search bar below to find your nearest club. Not in your area? We would love to be! Contact us to let us know where you are, and we will do our best to set up a pop-up TV studio and newsroom near you.
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The Media Cubs pop-up TV studio and newsroom is based in the fictional town of Cubchester – where each session’s media, digital or creative challenge takes place. Media Cubs reporters are joined by our heroes Jack, Archie and CeCe who act as role models to inspire our Media Cubs reporters to demonstrate the values that are important in the newsroom: communication, leadership, teamwork, honesty and curiosity. And Cubchester’s baddie, Tycoon Raccoon, is always on hand to test our values!

Meet the Media Cubs mini board

The Media Cubs mini board is on hand to help shape our future. Ben, Joshua and Julie have been selected to represent our work and provide us with their views and opinions about how we should run and engage with other young people and projects across Greater Manchester and beyond. The three superstars will give feedback on our work in special bi-monthly meetings and will have the opportunity to put forward any new ideas, while implementing new leadership and team-working skills. 





“It is extremely important to consider other people’s voice and issues – not only my own. I find it really important to do things that are good for others and I want to bring new ideas to Media Cubs to reach more young people.”

“I think we should all stand up for our rights, and be able to share our opinions without fear of judgement and it is important to have self belief. I want to help more young people broadcast their confidence.” 

“I love being a part of the Media Cubs team, it has helped me be more creative, grow in confidence and share my views and opinions as well as understanding other views are important. And I want to help it grow for other kids!” 

“Media Cubs has helped me so much in so many ways with my mental health along with my skills in media and I want to share this with people from all over the UK and eventually the world – so they have the same opportunities.”