Meet The Cubs


As our confident communicator, Cece is always on hand whenever we are hosting a TV or panel debate to help us get our point across fairly – but passionately – as well as make sure we listen to each others’ views.

Cece is a role model to our Media Cubbers as our caring and kind cub who sticks up for other people when they are in need of her help. She wants to make changes in the world, so it is a good place for everyone to live.

Codename: Pep Talk
Likes: Talking to people
Dislikes: Mean people and bullies
Favourite food: Chips
Favourite subject at school: History
Hobbies: Climbing, walking in the countryside and reading

Favourite Quote

“Somewhere inside all of us is the power to change the world”


Our in-school workshops transform the classroom into the newsroom and the students into roving reporters.


We deliver both parent and school-funded clubs to make sure children from all backgrounds have the opportunity to experience the newsroom and develop into confident communicators.