Meet The Cubs

With two kids of her own, Kirsty was inspired to start Media Cubs after failing to find a club that gave her own children the opportunity to celebrate their views, creativity and individuality. As ‘big boss’ she loves bringing the newsroom to life and her 15 years’ experience working as a journalist gives the Media Cub reporters a real-life insight into the workings of a newsroom.

Codename: Big Boss
Likes: Reading and making the news, listening to music and being creative.
Dislikes: Odd numbers and fake news!
Favourite Food: Pasta

Favourite Quote

“The more that you read, the more things you will know. The more that you learn, the more places you’ll go.”

Grace is our resident social enterprise nerd who helps measure, grow and sustain our impact so that we can inspire more and more kids – from all backgrounds – to grow their skills and confidence and use the media to share their views and help shape the world around them!

Codename: Deputy boss
Likes: Reading positive news, listening to podcasts and meeting new people
Dislikes: Getting caught in social media rabbit holes!
Favourite Food: Chocolate

Favourite Quote

“Ability is nothing without opportunity”


Our in-school workshops transform the classroom into the newsroom and the students into roving reporters.


We deliver both parent and school-funded clubs to make sure children from all backgrounds have the opportunity to experience the newsroom and develop into confident communicators.