Meet the cubs

Tycoon Raccoon

We only really know that our values are strong once they are tested. Tycoon Raccoon, the baddie who wants to take over the news in Cubchester, frequently makes an appearance in our newsroom to put our Media Cub reporters’ values to the test!

Tycoon Racoon grew up in the Cubbington area of Cubchester and was privately educated at the prestigious Tweeton College. He started his business empire building, buying and selling houses, which expanding to building golf courses and eventually became famous for building Tycoon Tower, a skyscraper in the centre of Cubchester. He went on to invest his money into sports clubs including Cubchester United and became a TV personality on The Tenderfoot – where he listened and gave advice to others on their business ideas. He now owns newspaper company Tall Stories Ltd and is famed for his outspokenness in press conferences, news broadcasts and on social media.

Job: Businessman, newspaper owner and television personality
Likes: Making money and reading stories about himself
Dislikes: People disagreeing with him, campaigners on climate change
Favourite food: Oysters
Hobbies: Building walls, buying boats and playing golf
Ambition: He dreams of one day becoming Prime Minister of Cubchester

Favourite Quote

“Don’t let the truth get in the way of a good story!”


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