Back to School or not?

Back to school or not? That is the question! The start of 2021 is proving difficult for schools already. Some areas have been told to keep primary schools closed but otherwise, Prime Minister Boris Johnson has urged parents to send their children back. But teaching unions are telling primary school staff it is unsafe to return to work and are calling for remote learning to be introduced across all primaries. And a growing number of councils in England are calling on the government to delay the reopening.

We asked star mini reporter Dan and his mum Debbie Boler what they think about whether primary schools should reopen or stay closed.

Dan said: “I do think we should go back to school as it’s good to see your friends and socialise in a safe way. Also, you learn more at school than at home. I miss seeing the teachers when I’m at home!”

Debbie added: “I’d like the children to be back for their mental health and because they are stimulated much more at school. It’s also hard juggling working and homeschooling!

“Children don’t generally get poorly with the virus so they themselves aren’t at risk but they are super spreaders so with that in mind I actually feel really sorry for all the teaching staff as they seem to have little PPE yet are expected to work in relatively close contact with 30 plus kids.

“I really don’t know what the right thing to do is but I feel like we’re in total limbo at the moment. It might be an idea to get teachers vaccinated ASAP?!”

We would love to know what you think?

*The PM is due to make another announcement at 8pm tonight.