Black Lives Matter : Media Cub Sam speaks out

A person is a person, no matter how small, and our Media Cubs have BIG voices and opinions that should be heard on any topic that is in the media and affects the world they live in.
This is what Sam has to say on George Floyd, the protests, racism, social media and her own experiences.

Sam: “Social media influencers have a huge impact on what young people see and think about. It has been good to see people standing together. But, it can’t stop at posting a black screen, which is what I told my friends. It has to be that you show support, educate yourself and take action.

“Don’t look at me and judge me without even getting to know me. It is upsetting that people will already think of me a certain way because of the colour of my skin. It makes me angry and sad. Why should people get treated differently? We all know what equality is, or what it should look like – so why has it not happened?

“I do not think what happened to George Floyd, would have happened if it had been a white person. People should be able to walk down the street without being scared of a policeman. Policeman should not be nor should they believe they are above the law.

“After the past few days, I have been proud to see lots of people from different backgrounds and beliefs uniting to stand against George Floyd’s unjust murder. I expect it to be a long time before America is equal in terms of colour.

“Until something tragic, like what happened to George Floyd, happens to someone you know or care about, it will not change. The media will move on to another story and people will forget. You don’t know how lucky you are until you see it from another side and take action.

“But I do believe if the protests keep going, they get enough signatures on the petition, get enough momentum behind their campaign and spread awareness, equality can be established. We need to remember, no lives matter until BLACK LIVES MATTER.”

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