Amplifying young people's voices to mark Carers Week 2022 #OURYEAR

Media Cubs mini reporters did a fantastic job of creating a video report on Young Carers Action Day in partnership with Manchester Young Carers and we thought Carers Week 2022 (6-12 June) was another great opportunity to showcase how it is important to give young carers a voice!

The reporters, who are also local young carers, produced a video which amplifies young voices and opinions in the city, whilst spotlighting support services available in schools and across the wider community.

Our budding journalists interviewed Deputy Lord Mayor Donna Ludford to find out what she thought about the new Manchester City Council music video produced by young carers and captured her reaction from the action day, which took place back in March at Moss Side Powerhouse Library.

The councillor expressed her surprise at the amount of young carers, but also praised the support which is on offer for them and how many people had come to the event.

Young reporters also chatted with a team of Skills for Life Young Ambassadors, which reinforced the message of ‘support not sympathy’, the tagline for this year’s Young Carers Action Day.

Kirsty Day, project leader of Media Cubs, said: “I was absolutely blown away by the young carers that we worked with. They transformed into mini reporters so easily and really broadcasted their confidence while reporting on Young Carers Action Day. 

“It was a delight to be able to introduce them to the newsroom and TV studio and see how much they enjoyed being a part of the team, taking on important interviews, filming and hosting their own news show! They really are the personification of why young carers should be given support not sympathy – and they have achieved all that they want!

“And Carers Week is another opportunity to showcase their fantastic work!”

Ghazala Rashid from Birchfields Primary School said: “This was an amazing experience for the young carers who had the opportunity to be Media Cubs for the day! It allowed some to come out of their shells and some to showcase their skills! 

“The guidance offered by Media Cubs has inspired one of the young carers to choose reporting as a career. Thank you for this wonderful opportunity.”

Check out the video, which was produced by us as part of the council’s Our Year 2022 programme – a year of action and activities for young people. 

Carers Week is an annual campaign to highlight the challenges that unpaid carers face and recognise the contribution they make throughout the UK.