Mini hero: Eight-year-old fishergirl Freya schools us on her super skills

Here at Media Cubs, we are all about sharing stories that celebrate how young people are broadcasting confidence.

Our latest mini hero is eight-year-old Freya, who held an exclusive interview with our mini reporters in our virtual newsroom. She talked to us about how she became hooked on fishing and how she is leading the way for more girls to take up the sport and people of colour.

Freya is now part of an Environment Agency campaign aiming to get one million people to enjoy fishing with a licence by 2025.

Freya, from Sileby, said: “I got into fishing because I was watching something on Netflix called Chasing Monsters. My mum saw something about junior fishing on the internet and I wanted to try it. I didn’t catch anything the first time we fished, and the second time it was raining down hard, but I just kept on trying. I loved it. I enjoy fishing because it makes me feel connected with nature. You’re surrounded by lots of trees, plants, butterflies and dragonflies. I feel happy when I am fishing and relaxed.

“I enjoy holding the fish, carp are really slimy and I like to put my hand in the maggots, it helps me to r stop fidgeting – it is like getting a mini massage for your hands.

“I enjoy sitting by the water because it works on my concentration and makes me feel good. When I go to fishing matches and competitions, I make friends and my coaches Bryan, Pat and Ian are supportive of me. I get excited when I catch fish, especially ones that are hard to catch.

“I don’t like how some people go fishing and throw leftover bait into the water. It is ruining the environment for the fish and this is getting their oxygen levels low which can kill them.

“More people should go fishing because they get to see how fun it is. They are also outside instead of on their phones or televisions.

“More boys go fishing than girls but we are all the same, one isn’t better than the other which is why everyone should do it. None of my school friends fish but I’d say they’re really supportive of it.

“My school assistant used to go fishing with her dad and talks to me about my fishing. I did the Junior Canal Championships last year and I am doing it again in September. I’ve also done a few matches with my fishing club – Wellingborough and District Nene Angling Club.

” Rudd or perch – was the first fish that I caught.  My best catch so far has been when I was rod fishing in a match and the one that I caught was so big that I could not fit it in our net, a 5lb carp

“I just want to keep enjoying fishing and I would like to go to lots of places to fish, like he island of Montserrat. Everyone should give fishing a go!”

Thank you to Freya for joining us for the interview, if you are a mini hero or know a mini hero that would like to be interviewed by our mini reporters email

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