Five books you must add to your reading list this World Book Day

We are always excited when World Book Day comes around.

And even more so this year, as we have teamed up with our friends at Mirror Me Write who have shared with us, their top five books for 7-11-year-olds and other recommended reads – and we want them all!

Ayesha Choudhury founded the Manchester-based indie bookshop, to bring relatable, diverse, and inclusive literature for children and young adults into homes and schools across the UK – driving social change through beautiful stories that are longing to be heard.

Ayesha said: “As an educator myself, I have been able to work directly with schools and teachers to effect change in their curriculum, through recommendations and sourcing book titles.

“It is important to us that all children, particularly from marginalised communities, should see themselves in stories.

“This will allow them to feel valued in the way that they deserve. We are passionate about driving this inclusivity from our base in the North.

“For us, ‘Representation is not a privilege, it’s a right’ and we are glad to be part of this movement.”

We could not agree more Ayesha!

Here are Mirror Me Write’s top five recommendations for you to enjoy:

  1. Freedom, We Sing

As powerful as it is beautiful, Freedom, We Sing is a lyrical picture book designed to inspire and give hope to readers around the world. Molly Mendoza’s lush illustrations invite readers to ponder singer/songwriter Amyra León’s poem about what it means to be free.

  1. Clean Up!

The sequel to Nathan and Dapo’s debut Look Up! Join lovable, passionate Rocket as she sets off on a mission to save a Caribbean island from plastic pollution! This is a heart-warming, timely, and empowering picture book, showing how we ALL can make a difference. 

  1. Step Into Your Power

Listen up! You’ve heard about heroes and read about the greats, but maybe you’re not feeling so great yourself right now? Learn from the lived experience of author Jamia Wilson and illustrator Andrea Pippins as they mentor you through growing up in the modern world, and teach you how to Step Into Your Power.

  1. Show Us Who You Are

The second book from the author of bestselling A Kind Of Spark, Elle McNicoll. A spectacular story set in the near future featuring Cora, a 12-year-old girl who becomes involved with the Pomegranate Institute, where AI is being used to create holograms of people to comfort their grieving families. A gripping #OwnVoices story that explores friendship, grief, loss, and what really makes us who we are, Show Us Who You Are is published on World Book Day.

  1. Boy Who Met A Whale

From the author of The Girl Who Stole An Elephant comes another brilliant escapade for 9+ readers! A thrilling adventure set in fictional Sri Lanka, jam-packed with peril and kidnap and a huge blue whale! Razi, a local fisherboy, is watching turtle eggs hatch when he sees a boat bobbing into view. And so begins an exhilarating adventure in the shadow of the biggest sea monster of them all…

Here are some other books Mirror Me Write also recommends.

If you like the look of these books  and/or our an educator that wants to make books in schools more diverse – contact Ayesha and browse the shelves here: