Meet the Media Cubs reporters who have turned into video stars on our YouTube channel.

Monthly Challenge

Each month we set our Media Cubs reporters, budding YouTube stars and creative cartoonists a challenge to showcase a piece of work they’re proud of – with a chance of becoming our MEDIA CUBS REPORTER OF THE MONTH

Throughout OCTOBER we are asking you to share a video report, comic strip, photo or written report on what it has been like getting back to school! 

Send your work to or share with us on our social channels tagging us in. Good luck!

Last month, sister Aisya and Hana became joint Media Cub Reporters of the Month (pictured right). Aisya set up her own blog A Spoonful of Aisya during lockdown and Hana sent us a video report about her experiences of lockdown.  

Well done, Aisya and Hana!