How a YouTuber helped me talk to my son about #BlackLivesMatter

Media Cubs leader and mum Kirsty has often doubted what her kids are gaining from hours of social media – but this week she found herself grateful for the likes of DanTDM.

“There has been a debate going since #BlackOutTuesday at Media Cubs HQ about changing your Instagram square black.

“My first thought was; is it blocking real conversations, actions and preventing people from truly understand what we should be doing?

“Until that is my son, Jack, the Media Cubs OG, asked me to come and watch a video by his favourite YouTuber DanTDM posted a blackout video with him talking over it.

“By doing so, Jack opened up a conversation for us to talk about racism, George Floyd and what we should be doing in support of black friends, and society as a whole.

“After we spoke about it, he simply said: “That is unacceptable.” “What can we do to change how people act?”

“My older son, Archie, who has his own Instagram account, had posted a black square on his feed (and he NEVER posts on the feed – apparently teens don’t). But he felt incensed enough to for #BlackOutTuesday Why? Not because of what I had talked to him about, or his teachers or what he had seen on the news, which he thought was “disgusting” (we only get one-word day from him) but because of the influence of NBA stars and rappers that he idolises.

“So, on the days when I am questioning whether they are spending too much time on social media – the answer will still be yes! But it is not always a negative. For that I thank these social media influencers, for opening conversations in homes that may not have happened before – I had underestimated the power of youth culture.

“But, conversations on race inequalities doesn’t end with a black square; it starts with it.”

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