How our news savvy kids say they are coping with Coronavirus

Yasmin & Emma with the Media Cubs front page on coping with coronavirus in the news. The pair are also stars of our YouTube video on the disease.

Media Cubbers at Woodheys Primary School in Trafford, Greater Manchester have created their own news reports and learnt how to spot fake news on Coronavirus to help keep their family and friends calm and safe.

Here they have compiled their top tips:

– Don’t believe everything you see on social media – only take advice from official organisations like the NHS

– If listening to, watching or reading the news becomes too much and is making you anxious – turn your notifications off      

– Plan activities at home that are fun and can take your mind off the situation for a while – like playing board game, drawing or football in the garden

– Get your facts from a trusted news site – like Newsround – so you do not to get drawn into fake news

– Ask a trusted grown up – a parent or teacher – if you have any questions or concerns

– Stay healthy by washing your hands

– Keep calm

Kirsty Day, who runs the club Trafford club, said: “As part of the Media Cubs newsroom we always like to keep up with what is on the news agenda – so it was hard not to tackle the issue of Coronavirus as it is one of the biggest ever reported news stories. We spoke about the facts and anything they were not sure about we were able to myth bust!

“Now we are on the verge of the school closures, I am pleased that they got this opportunity to do their own news reports on it – written and in our pop-up TV studio, take part in a Q&A session with each other to share feelings and what they know, and importantly learning about fake news, as they were keen to support their friends and family with this and provide them with some top tips. Now they will be in the know while at home.”

To view our YouTube video with Yasmin and Emma click here.

The Media Cubs team front page on Coronavirus