Looking back 2021 - a year of firsts for Media Cubs - setting us up for a bright future in 2022!

Hello everyone! And a very Happy New Year! I just wanted to say on behalf of myself and Grace – a big thank you for all of your support in 2021, which has enabled us to grow and develop Media Cubs so we can work with more and more young people to broadcast their confidence!

What a year 2021 was!  

It was very much a year of firsts for Media Cubs….. 

  • We launched our 100 page reporter handbook way back in January that has now been used by hundreds of children across the country in online and in person workshops – with fantastic feedback from the young people themselves, parents, school and other providers.
  • We recruited our first full team of Media Cubs leaders and workers – which has enabled Media Cubs to develop and grow across Greater Manchester.
  • In the summer, we took part in summer of fun activities, working with councils, sports clubs, libraries and other youth led organisations to turn hundreds of children into confident mini reporters across Greater Manchester. During this time, of the 308 mini reporters we spoke to as part of our latest impact survey 91% told us they feel more confident after attending Media Cubs, 97% said they learned something new and 87% said they feel like their views and opinions are important.
  • We continued to work with our online news team and recruited new mini reporters to the team – and even got to meet some of them in person as they were able to attend events with us – including RESET – an event to help support young people with their mental health and wellbeing!
  • Thanks to the amazing Zabby Allen – creator of The Procrastination Paper – we took over a whole edition of her wonderful magazine – and it was fantastic to see the mini reporters news, views and interviews in print!
  • We held many many real-life interviews including Wilfred Emmanuel Jones – The Black Farmer – Olympian Hannah Wheelan and the deputy mayor of Greater Manchester to name a few! 
  • It was also a first for us to work with young people over the age of 11. And this roving reporter team from Wigan Youth Zone held interviews with the leader of the council and other organisations and even had a red-carpet awards.
  • Some of the original Media Cubs took part in the This Is What An Activist Looks Like campaign – our first intergenerational reporting challenge with the team at Talking About My Generation.
  • As well as creating the news, we also made the news with a front page spread in the Observer Magazine – who were asked their views on the pandemic and lockdown. It feels like progress that news outlets want to give young people a voice in big conversations!
  • We even got caught up in a Zombie apocalypse, and at the end of the year got an interview with the big man himself – Father Christmas – with some of our fantastic Trafford Carers Centre Lightning Bee Reporters! 

We are so proud of our whole team and every single mini reporter that we’ve had the pleasure of working with on exciting creative, digital and media challenges. 

A big big thank you to all our supporters. We are looking forward to working with more and more like-minded organisations, people and schools who want to give young people a voice and help them to broadcast their confidence! We hop to continue to grow and develop all of the above and much more so watch this space….2022 we are ready for you! 

Once again, Happy New Year….

Kirsty ‘Big Boss’