Media Cubs mini reporters launch a new podcast to share their views


Our Media Cubs mini reporters have launched their own podcast – Have I Got Little Views for You!

The podcast will give our mini reporters another platform to share their views and debate the news.

In the very first episode, we are joined by Media Cubs who have made the BIG transition from primary school to secondary school. They chat about what this first term has been like for them, how it feels to be back to school with the COVID-19 rules in place, what they are missing about being in primary school, and homeschooling, and tips they have for others when making the daunting steps into high school.

Media Cubs project leader, Kirsty Day, said: “We are so excited about launching this new podcast. We are always thinking of new ways to be able to get young people’s voices heard and this platform will help us to continue to do that.

“It was so much fun chatting to these Media Cubs in this first episode. These original Media Cubs have now moved on to secondary school, and I have missed working with them, so hearing how they are transitioning was really interesting. Who knew what was on the lunch menu was the most important part of the school day and getting your planner?!

“It was also heartwarming to hear that they are all missing Media Cubs. But the way that they spoke with confidence about how they are settling in, made me feel like Media Cubs has given them a good start for their next life steps.”

The Have I Got Little Views For You podcast will cover a range of current news topics as well as invite guests on to talk to about the news and debate topics that are important to them.

Stay tuned for further updates and listen to the first episode here: