Welcome to our new mini board members: Joshua, Ben, Ethan and Julie

Drum roll please… as an organisation driven and led by young voices, we are pleased to announce that we have a brand new mini board that will be helping to shape our future.

Seasoned members Ben, Joshua, Ethan and Julie have been selected to represent our work and provide us with their views and opinions about how we should run and engage with other young people and projects across Greater Manchester.

The four superstars will be able to give feedback to Big Boss Kirsty in special bi-monthly meetings and will have the opportunity to put forward any new ideas, while implementing new leadership and team-working skills. 

Congratulations to the group – their applications and interviews were very impressive and all of them naturally reinforced our core ethics and beliefs! 

Joshua said: “I always look forward to Mondays because of Media Cubs. It gives me the opportunity to share my views and opinions about topical matters. Standing up for their rights , sharing their opinions without fear of judgement and self-belief will help mini reporters broadcast their confidence.”

Julie said: “I find it really important to do things that are good for others too. I could help to find ideas to help more kids learn about Media Cubs. I find it extremely important to consider other young people’s voices.”

Ethan said: “I love being a part of the Media Cubs team, it has helped me be more creative, grow in confidence and share my views and opinions as well as understanding other views are important. And I want to help it grow for other kids!”

Ben added: “Media Cubs has helped me so much in so many ways with my mental health along with my skills in media and I want to share this with people from all over the UK and eventually the world! Also, (from a slightly more selfish point of view) it could help me in the future as the skills from being on the board as well as in the sessions, could help me find jobs and possibly colleges and universities.

“I have had so many great opportunities with Media Cubs doing things that I would never normally get a chance to do because performing is what I love most and to me presenting is just performing in front of a camera! 

“And I have made friends for life thanks to Media Cubs and want others to do the same.”

We look forward to working with this new team and can’t wait to share ideas together. 

Media Cubs project lead and ‘big boss’ Kirsty said: “I have been working alongside these young people now for more than a year and through some challenging times with the pandemic but they have never ceased to amazing me with their views, opinions, knowledge and creativity and I am so excited to work with them as part of the mini board so they can represented other children and continue to give young people a voice!”

Take a look at what they have to say about Media Cubs and joining the board in the video above!