Only 11% of kids were able to spot fake news, a new report finds

A new report from Ofcom (the Office of Communications) which oversees UK TV, radio and internet claims we’re not as good at spotting fake news as we think.
In a survey of 13,000, only one in five (22 per cent) adults were able to correctly identify the tell-tale signs of a genuine post, without making mistakes.

And 74% of young people aged 12-17, claimed they were confident to spot fake news, but only 11% were able to spot fake news when put to the test.

The study also found that 30 per cent of UK adults who go online (14.5 million) are unsure about, or don’t even consider, the truthfulness of the information they see online.  

Kirsty Day, Media Cubs project lead, says: “We all need to learn what’s fake and what’s not- as online fake news is getting more and more sophisticated.

“We need to arm the next generation with the skills and confidence to create, debate and navigate the news and spot what’s real and what isn’t – and thankfully we’ve got help from Media Cubs character, Polly Pigeon Detective, to do that!”

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