Calling all dino fans - join our FREE Q&A press conference with palaeontologist - Dr Emma Nicholls

We are big dinosaur fans in the Media Cubs newsroom – so we are super excited to be welcoming palaeontologist – Dr Emma Nicholls into our pop up TV studio on Monday, April 4 – between 6pm and 7pm for an interview with our mini reporters – and YOU can join us for FREE to ask your questions or submit them to be asked.
Emma is a vertebrate palaeontologist and recently was involved in the excavation of the Rutland ichthyosaur – the largest near-complete marine reptile skeleton EVER found in Britain.
She is the Senior Curator of Natural Sciences at the Horniman Museum and Gardens, in southeast London and is responsible for the Palaeontology (fossils), Geology (rocks and minerals) and Osteology (modern bones and skeletons) Collections.
Emma provides subject specialist expertise to support other departments at the Museum such as Exhibitions, Digital (social media and blog articles), and the Schools and Family Learning Teams. Her role also involves giving tours, talks, demonstrations and hands on sessions for the Museum’s diverse public engagement programme.
If your pupils or children have a love of all things dino-related, or are interested in working in palaeontology, then invite them to join us at this free event.
We would love you to join us at our virtual press conference and you can submit your questions for Emma by 6pm on Thursday, March 31.
Email us at to submit your questions and to request a spot in the studio. Everyone who attends or submits a question will receive a video report of the press conference to see if your question was answered by Frederica. It is going to be ROARSOME!