#RaiseYourHand campaign launched by mini-reporters to give kids a voice in the COVID-19 conversation

Join our #RaiseYourHand campaign: Give kids a voice in the COVID-19 conversation

We have launched!

Our mini reporters are leading a campaign to encourage other primary school kids across the whole country to share their questions about the pandemic and be part of conversations that will shape their future.

The questions will be collected and sent to Downing Street.

We started the conversation in Manchester with a live Q&A, with Mayor of Greater Manchester – Andy Burnham.


Want to support?

Get involved, by sharing your kids’ questions by tagging @MediaCubsUK on Twitter and Instagram and using the hashtags #RaiseYourHand

If you want to share it along with a photo like our mini reporters – please do – showing unity and a raised hand.

If you’d prefer to email your questions or would like to receive a recording of the Q&A, email team@mediacubs.co.uk