Become a Media Cubs leader

Do you enjoy working with curious and creative kids and want to inspire the next generation to become confident communicators?

Join us!

The Media Cubs team runs an academy to train future club leaders who share our passion for helping young people broadcast confidence.

As a Media Cubs club leader, you can work in your local area in schools, the community, and virtually from the comfort of your own home – always having a fun and rewarding time at work. No previous journalism experience is required.

The Media Cubs Leaders Academy is fully funded. It will be delivered flexibly through a combination of 12 hours of virtual, group, and independent learning.

Each MC Leader will receive a Leaders’ Handbook packed full of lesson plans, session activities, and guidance.

Once you have graduated from the academy, MC Leaders will be able to deliver Media Cubs clubs as sessional workers as we expand in 2021 and 2022.

As a club leader, we take all the admin stress out of your job and arrange the workshops on your behalf. You will also be given ongoing telephone and email advice and there will be quarterly training sessions to keep you up to date with new developments, and so you can meet other Media Cubs leaders to share ideas and become part of the newsroom community.

For more information email: