Tune in to watch our Media Cubs on Comic Relief TONIGHT!

It’s Red Nose Day. Have you got yours? We have been having fun with the new plastic-free characters in Media Cubs HQ today – even Tycoon Raccoon got himself involved – as we are getting excited about featuring on the show tonight.

Media Cubs gained funding from Comic Relief to help us become lockdown learning allies to parents and work with children during the pandemic continue to give them a voice at a time when it was more important than ever that their views and opinions were heard.

Our mini reporters Aisya, Sam, and Jack will feature in the Red Nose Day Prizeathon – and we are thrilled for them! Another well-deserved TV moment after being the driving force behind lobbying the government to give them a slot of the Daily Briefing to question Boris Johnson during the first lockdown.

Media Cubs project leader, Kirsty Day, said: “As a mum and a journalist, I feel lucky every day that I get to combine two passions – working with children to support them to become confident communicators and addressing the massive imbalance between who shapes and who consumes the news.

“The news agenda and newsrooms are not always a true reflection of society and we want to address that imbalance and diversify the news, one mini reporter, at a time – and we are very grateful for the support from Comic Relief in helping us to achieve this. And can’t wait to be inspired by so many other people working in communities across the UK when we tune in to Red Nose Day.

“Media Cubs is driven by the belief that kids from all backgrounds have a place in the newsroom and should feel confident that their opinions and views matter. I just love seeing the children develop skills as young as seven that will help them secure a better future.

“We are closing the confidence gap so all children grow up with the conviction that they can do anything they put their minds to.

“I am proud of all the mini reporters and what they have achieved through this dificult time in their lives. The best moments are seeing children grow in confidence and stepping up to the mic to give their views on world issues and present the news in a way that would challenge the positions of Dan Walker, Ben Shepherd and most certainly Piers Morgan.”

Comic Relief starts at 7pm on Friday, March 19 on BBC One – tune in and show your support.