Take our quiz: Which Media Cubs Character are you?

  1. On a Saturday afternoon, you’re most likely to be found…
    1. At a protest march
    2. Playing computer games online with your mates
    3. Doing something creative such as painting or drawing
    4. At home counting all of your money
    5. Watching mystery/crime TV
    6. Reading up on the latest politics news
  1. If you were a character in a movie, you’d be…
    1. The encouraging best friend who stands up for others
    2. The hero, leading the way
    3. The one with the big idea that saves the day
    4. The baddie!
    5. The one who solves the mystery
    6. The city’s mayor, seeking to restore order
  1. Your favourite accessory is….
    1. A megaphone. You’ve got opinions that need sharing!
    2. A smartwatch to keep you connected with your mates
    3. A camera. You never know when there’ll be something worth snapping
    4. Wallet – to keep all your money safe
    5. A notepad and pen– you never know when clues for your latest investigation may crop up
    6. Lots of bling!
  1. Your #1 life goal is….
    1. To get rid of every bully and injustice in the world
    2. To run your own tech business
    3. To be an artist, musician or something creative
    4. To make as much money as possible
    5. To become a more famous detective than Sherlock Holmes
    6. To become Prime Minister
  1. Finish this sentence: “My friends think I’m”….
    1. Loyal and someone they can depend on for the truth
    2. Fun – and always able to beat them at computer games
    3. The right person to come to when they need ideas for problems they need solving
    4. What friends?
    5. A deep thinker
    6. Bossy

Mostly As…Cece

Like Cece, you are caring and kind and like to stick up for other people when they are in need of your help. You want to make changes in the world, so it is a good place for everyone to live.

Mostly Bs…Archie

Like Archie, your friends see you as a role model, who knows what it takes to make a great ‘mini boss’. You know how to set a good example to others, help others to make decisions – but you also know that teamwork is important, so you are always encouraging others to use their individual skills.

Mostly Cs…Jack

Like Jack, you are always coming up with big ideas on how to solve a problem or invent a new way of doing something – and you love to ask lots of questions to make sure your inventing and problem solving is a team effort.

Mostly Ds…Tycoon Raccoon

Like Tycoon Racoon, you are bossy and think you are always right. You don’t take into consideration other people’s views and only think about becoming rich and powerful.

Mostly Es…Pigeon Detective Polly

Like Pigeon Detective Polly, you love to problem solve and crack a good mystery. You are honest and trustworthy, always keep an open mind and your friends know you are reliable.

Mostly Fs…Andy Bearnham

Like Mayor Andy Bearnham, you are hard working, honest and have good management and leadership skills. You know how to communicate your views and the views of others, you stand up for other people and are willing to make tough decisions.

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